Metal Roof Restoration

What is a Metal Roof System (MRS)?

Conklin’s Metal Roof Coatings System was specifically designed to prevent leaks where they most often occur – at the seams. In addition to outstanding protection against water penetration, the Metal Roof Restoration (M/R)  System extends the life of your roof by resisting weather extremes and reduces air conditioning costs by reflecting the sun’s harmful rays.

Lightweight restoration roof coating can also preserve your building structure. Conklin offers a good-better-best product selection to meet your metal roofing needs and budget.

Benefits of Metal Roof (MR) Restoration

  • Seamless finished application
  • All seams and fasteners are sealed
  • Products made to flex with building movement
  • Can be installed over existing roof
  • Cost and energy efficient
  • Low labor and risk factors

The 6-Point Process

Inspection, Repairs, and Cleaning

  • Cleaning
  • Removing debris
  • Application of Rust Off® Rust and oxide remover

This concentrated metal roof treatment etches metal, pacifies rust, and removes oxidation. Rust Off is an essential tool in the fight to prevent and treat rust on the roof.


  • Prime roof with Conklin Encase® Metal Primer

An effective exterior or interior rust inhibiting metal primer for use on both new and rusted metal surfaces, as well as a variety of metal structures. This unique vehicle penetrates through rust, driving out air. The formula provides a suitable base coat for many water-based products. Encase Metal Primer is a water-based primer.

Apply Sealant

  • Sealing of fasteners on metal roofs

Kwik Kaulk® is your easy-to-use ally in the battle for energy savings. Its Fastener Grade (FG) formula is available for use to apply over fasteners found on metal roofs and is an option in the Conklin Metal Roof (MR®) System.  This lower viscosity material is designed to flow around each fasterner head.  With a formula that is 79 percent solids, Kwik Kaulk cures to a tough finish on almost any surface—inside or out. You get a seal that stays flexible even at minus 20°F.

Seam Reinforcement

This fabric is embedded into Benchmark®, Puma® XL, Rapid Roof III® and Rapid Roof® HV to provide exceptional tensile and tear strength. The special reinforcement fabric substantially increases the strength and durability of the roofing system. This results in a membrane that resists splitting and rupturing, adding to the life expectancy of the roof.

Top Coat

  • Seal entire roof with Conklin acrylic top finish coatings

This system carries a UL Class A fire classification. Rapid Roof III in standard white provides an 85% reflective, tack-free, dirt-resistant finish.

Completed Project

When our professionally trained commercial roof coating contractors apply Conklin products, they actually leave behind a white roof surface. These “white roofs” have been verified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as “cool roof systems.” Instead of absorbing the sun’s hot rays, this cool roof bounces the rays back into the atmosphere. Much of the sun’s heat is therefore kept from spreading across the building below the roof. Then the building stays cool and expends less energy for staying cool.


We will inspect your roof and help you determine what is the best course of action to keep your roof performing like new!

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