Fabric Reinforced

What is a Fabric Reinforced Roof?

Lightweight and durable, Conklin’s Fabric Reinforced Roofing is easy to install and strengthens your commercial roof considerably.

An annual or biannual cleaning is all that is needed to keep your roof white and clean. And, years later, when it’s time to refresh your Conklin roof, a simple re-coat will save you from spending thousands of dollars on a new roof.

Your warranty can be renewed every time you choose a re-coat. A combination of primer and Spunflex fabric will create the seamless, versatile roof coating you’ve been wanting for a long time.

Benefits of a Fabric Reinforced System

  • Can be applied over existing roofing
  • Cost-effective roofing solution
  • Seamless application
  • Durable for years
  • Renewable Warranty

The Process

Prepare Substrate

It is crucial to clean the existing roof structure of all dirt & debris. Without a clean working surface, you run the risk of the Conklin brand materials not taking a true hold to the roof. At Major League Coating Systems, we understand the importance of making sure your investment is professionally completed from the first step, to the last step.

Priming and Filling

A premium quality acrylic latex roof primer is designed to prepare rough, weathered, and irregular substrates for a Conklin coating. We ensure that the cleaned surface is filled to be level, and primed to ensure a strong and lasting hold. Our Conklin brand products go above and beyond industry standards, allowing us to provide you with a product that will last for years to come.

Embedding Fabric

Our fabric reinforcements form a membrane of phenomenal tensile and tear strength when embedded into certain Conklin roof coatings, and thereby add years of life to the roofing system. The membrane is remarkably resistant to rupturing and splitting along seams and protrusions where roofs are most prone to leakages.


We will inspect your roof and help you determine what is the best course of action to keep your roof performing like new!

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